Teaching Mission


Bachelor Program

Applied Mathematics Section

  • To guide students so they can understand the basic Mathematics theories.
  • To train students so they can think, deduce, analyze, and solve problems independently. Also, to train students for better judge and presentation skills and innovative consciousness.
  • To inspire students to their full potential so they can prepare themselves for diversified development.

 Information Mathematics Section

To cultivate students have basic mathematical theoretical analysis, scientific and technological literacy. On the basis of learned, students can integrate the concepts and methods into the international talents of scientific, technology development, innovation and application.

Master Program

To educate students with basic mathematical trainings, so they can apply what they have learnt to the areas such as information technology, data analysis, information mathematics, and mathematics educators.



Based on the spirit of All-Around Education at Fu Jen Catholic University, we cultivate mathematical talents who fit the bill of the country and society and possess professional knowledge and humanistic qualities.

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