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Photo Name Title Research Email Tel Personal Website
Mao-Sheng Chang Professor and Chairman Partial differential equations mschang@math.fju.edu.tw +886229052589  
Chung-Cheng Kuo Professor

Difference and functional equations

Operator theory

+886229053549 Personal website
Wen-Lin Chiou Professor

Stochastic processes

Filtering Theory


chiou@math.fju.edu.tw +886229053544  
Sy-Mien Chen Associate Professor Statistics smchen@math.fju.edu.tw +886229052451 Personal website
H. M. Shaw Associate Professor Combinatorics hmshaw@math.fju.edu.tw +886229053546  
N. P. Yang Associate Professor

Approximations and expansions

Functional analysis

yang@math.fju.edu.tw +886229053545  
Anly Li Associate Professor Number theory anlyli@math.fju.edu.tw +886229053772 Personal website
Ying-Chin Su Associate Professor Partial differential equations ycsu@math.fju.edu.tw +886229052445  
Chien-Chang Yen Associate Professor Astrophysical Computations、 Wavelet Theory and Its Applications、 Numerical Analysis yen@math.fju.edu.tw +886229053547  
Yeh, Nai-Sher Assistant Professor Linearized Forced Capillary-Gravity Waves
Edge Conditions of Fluid
Asymptotic Expansions
Pointwise Topology and Basic Algebraic Topology
nyeh@math.fju.edu.tw +886229052460 Personal website
Jun-Jie Pan Assistant Professor Combinatorics jackpan@math.fju.edu.tw +886229053784 Personal website
Yung-Ta Li Assistant Professor Numerical analysis ytli@math.fju.edu.tw +886229053551  
Ke-Shiuan Lynn Assistant Professor
data mining,
Biomedical (especially, Omics) Data Processing and Analysis
128171@mail.fju.edu.tw +886229052440  
Shu-Cheng Lee Teacher Real analysis sclee@math.fju.edu.tw +886229053550